Retail Energy


Understanding Your Winter Bill

In Alberta, the average home uses a lot more natural gas and electricity during the winter. It’s no surprise that the colder it gets, the more energy you need to keep your home comfortable. But there are other reasons why you might see higher bills in winter

  • Solar Panels

    Alberta is the sunniest spot in Canada, with more than 300 days of sunshine every year. That’s a whole lot of solar energy you could be putting to work in your home! Have you thought about installing solar panels on your home or property? Let’s shed some light on how solar energy systems can brighten your day…

  • Choosing an Energy Retailer

    Get to know your options and the costs that go into delivering safe energy into your home. A deregulated electricity and natural gas market means you have the freedom to choose a plan that adapts to you, your home and the life you live. Switching is easy. If you are on a regulated rate, like most Albertans, there’s no need to notify your provider, we take care of everything.