Retail Energy


A Seasonal Guide for Everyday Energy Saving

Small changes can lead to big savings. We've created an energy-saving guide for every season, just for you! Learn more to save on your energy bill.

  • Energy-Efficient Home Upgrades for Keeping the Heat IN and Utility Bill Surprises OUT 

    Choosing energy-efficient upgrades is the right move for homeowners trying to keep the heat in this winter. Save on your energy bills with these home upgrade tips.

  • Learn about the federal carbon tax, its impact on Albertans, and how the quarterly carbon tax rebate system works.

    Learn about the federal carbon tax, its impact on Albertans, and how the quarterly carbon tax rebate system works.

  • Alberta Electricity Rates and Prices

    Many homes and businesses in Alberta depend on electricity for heating, hot water, cooking and so on. But do you know how rates are determined or the difference between a competitive retailer and the regulated rate option?

  • Finding the Right Fit to Fuel Your Home

    With numerous energy suppliers to choose from in Alberta, finding the right fit can be overwhelming. Here's what you need to consider when choosing a provider.

  • Same Street, Different Electricity Bill

    Have you ever wondered why your neighbour's electricity bill could be lower than yours? The answer might surprise you! Uncover the truth behind Alberta's Regulated Rate Option (RRO) and how it could be impacting your energy costs.

  • Movin’ on Over: What to Know When Moving to Alberta

    Did you know that Alberta's energy market is deregulated? This gives you the freedom to choose your energy provider, but it can also be confusing for newcomers. Find out everything you need to know about setting up utilities in your new home, researching and comparing energy options.

  • ATCOenergy Wins World-Class Certification for Customer Service Excellence

    We're pleased to announce we've won the internationally awarded Call Centre World Class FCR Certification by SQM for 2022! Find out how we bring happiness to customers by reimagining what the customer experience should look like.

  • Alberta’s Gas Rebate: What You Need to Know

    Many Albertans are now eligible for a gas rebate. Here's what you need to know about Alberta's gas rebate and your ATCOenergy plan. 

  • Summer Proofing Your Business

    What steps can you take to optimize your business energy usage and costs during the hot summer months? Download our infographic for seasonal tips you can use to save!

  • Top 10 Factors Affecting the Cost of Energy at Your Business

    What factors affect your business' energy usage and expenses? Learn how to save with ATCOenergy!

  • What You Should Know About Electric Vehicles

    Switching to an electric vehicle can help you save money over time. Learn if an electric vehicle is right for you!

  • Alberta’s Electricity Rebate: What You Need to Know?

    The government of Alberta announced a $150 electricity rebate on March 7. Eligible Albertans will start seeing that rebate on their July electricity bills. Here’s what you need to know. 

  • Why Is My Energy Bill So High?

    Your energy bill just arrived, and something just doesn’t look right. No one likes a high bill, so we’re here to help you get to the bottom of it. Learn which factors you can control when it comes to keeping costs low, as well as the external factors that affect your energy bill.

  • All About the RRO

    The Regulated Rate Option, or RRO, offers Albertans a default option for energy that is set each month. But the RRO is often less than ideal. Switching to a retail plan can give you perks, flexibility and more control over your energy plan.

  • ATCOenergy's Guide to Reducing Your Energy Bill This Winter

    By going through your whole home and keeping things efficient before the temperatures really drop down, you can save on your heating bill and protect appliances from the wear and tear of winter usage. 

  • This or That: Which Home Appliance Uses the Most Energy?

    Make your best guess and find out which appliances are the biggest energy guzzlers in your home! 

  • Summer Energy Tips to Keep You Cool This Summer

    Alberta summers are better with the right cooling system and a little bit of planning. Learn how to beat the heat with these electricity-saving tips!

  • Choosing an Energy Retailer

    Alberta's deregulated electricity and natural gas market gives you the freedom to choose a plan that adapts to you, your home and the life you live.

  • Green Energy in Alberta

    Green energy is on the rise — especially in sunny Alberta. Here are a few reasons why green energy is becoming more popular and accessible across our beautiful prairies.

  • Moving Checklist

    Stressed about moving? We get it — moving has its ups and downs (and we don’t just mean in terms of flights of stairs). We’ve curated this handy list of tips to make your move less hectic.

  • Furnace Maintenance 101: Stay Warm While Saving on Energy

    Attention home maintenance students! Class is in session. Learn how to keep your furnace in tip-top shape with these hot tips. When it comes to furnace safety, cleaning, maintenance and energy-saving solutions, we've got you covered

  • Understanding Your Winter Bill

    In Alberta, the average home uses a lot more natural gas and electricity during the winter. It’s no surprise that the colder it gets, the more energy you need to keep your home comfortable. But there are other reasons why you might see higher bills in winter.

  • Big Reasons to Love Micro-Generation

    If you’re looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, lower your energy bills, and contribute to green industries your answer may be in the sky… Learn about the many benefits of solar micro-generation. What does it mean to be a micro-generator? 

  • ATCOenergy’s Guide to Energy-Efficient Home Office Lighting

    Whether you’ve always worked from home, or if the desk in your den is a new addition, you’ve likely noticed how homes and workplaces have very different lighting. Because home offices are in rooms often originally designed for another use, your workspace might benefit from a lighting makeover.  

  • ATCOenergy’s Tips on How to Save Energy With Your Appliances

    Your appliances play a major role in your energy usage, but there are ways to conserve energy — and save on your next bill! Learn how with these energy-saving tips.

  • Making Moving Easy

    Moving? Your ATCOenergy natural gas and electricity energy plan can move with you in Alberta. Let's make your next move easy and seamless. 

  • 6 Energy Friendly Tips for Your New Home

    A new home is a reason to celebrate! Start off on the right foot with these energy tips for new homeowners.

  • Top 4 Reasons Why More Alberta Small Businesses Are Choosing Green Energy

    Businesses are making the switch to green energy. Between incentives like grants and rebates, it's easy to see why! Find out if green energy is right for your Alberta business.

  • Solar Panels

    Alberta is the sunniest spot in Canada, with more than 300 days of sunshine every year. That’s a whole lot of solar energy you could be putting to work in your home! Have you thought about installing solar panels on your home or property? Let’s shed some light on how solar energy systems can brighten your day…