July 21, 2023

Choosing an Alberta Energy Retailer

Alberta's deregulated electricity and natural gas market gives you the freedom to choose a plan that adapts to you, your home and the life you live.

Choosing an Alberta Energy Retailer

Alberta's deregulated electricity and natural gas market gives you the freedom to choose a plan that adapts to you, your home and the life you live.

Why Choose an Energy Retailer?

In Alberta’s deregulated electricity and natural gas market, you have the freedom to choose an energy supplier that works for your home or business. This gives you more control over your energy plan and pricing options.

When you choose an energy retailer like ATCOenergy, you have more control and flexibility over your energy plans. Plus, you have access to perks that aren’t available on the RRO. For example, the option to switch between guaranteed or market rates, flexible payment options and various term lengths.  


How Alberta's Electricity Regulated Rate Option Works

When it comes to energy plans, default options may not always be the best choice. If you don’t choose an energy retailer, you default to Alberta's Electricity Regulated Rate Option (RRO). The RRO is based on current – and anticipated – market prices, and prices can be volatile.

As a default option, the RRO doesn’t come with perks, flexibility or guaranteed rate choices. And like buying a car or a pizza, the default option isn’t always what you’ll like best. Choosing an energy retailer gives you more choice and more control over your energy plan.

Price Fluctuations

Many things affect the market price of electricity. Some of the factors include weather, outages, supply, surges in demand and the price of natural gas (a fuel for generators).

From time to time, the Government of Alberta caps electricity rates. However, this artificial cap is usually temporary, and Albertans most often eventually pay back the difference between the capped rate and the actual rate when it’s deferred to a later date or recouped through extra fees like rate riders or other taxes.

Protect Yourself From Volatile Markets

If you’re on the RRO, choosing an energy retailer will bring about some significant benefits. With a retailer like ATCOenergy, you can still choose to ride the market with the ATCO Advantage Rate plan. For a flat daily fee, you can access Alberta’s wholesale rates with no added markup. However, you’re always free to switch to a stable, guaranteed rate if you prefer.

Over time, average market prices tend to be lower than guaranteed rates. ATCOenergy's guaranteed rates have always been below the RRO rate cap.

Natural Gas

Natural Gas Plans Made for Albertans

As one of the leaders in natural gas distribution, ATCOenergy provides Albertans with a sustainable and efficient energy option. We offer a range of natural gas plans to fit your needs, including the ATCO Advantage Rate Plan or a guaranteed plan with a fixed rate.

Our mission is to empower you to make informed decisions about your energy consumption. We want you to have access to reliable and affordable natural gas when you need it most.

Price Fluctuations  

Price fluctuations are a common occurrence in the energy market. The price is often influenced by a range of factors, including weather patterns, supply, surges in demand and environmental policies.

ATCOenergy offers a solution to these fluctuations. As Alberta’s leading electricity and gas distribution company, we strive to provide exceptional service, competitive rates and flexible plans.

Managing your electricity bill

Matt Coad, Director of Strategy at ATCOenergy & Rümi, is shedding light on high energy rates across Alberta. Watch this video to learn more.

Switching to ATCOenergy is easy

Thanks to Alberta's deregulated energy market, making the switch to ATCOenergy is easy. If you're on a regulated rate like most Albertans, there’s no need to notify your current energy provider. We’ll take care of everything.  

Simply sign-up with us by adding your plan to the cart and proceed through the checkout. The process takes less than 10 minutes and best of all, it won’t interrupt your service.  

If you have questions or would rather speak to a friendly Canadian, give us a call at 1-844-687-2826. We’ll be happy to help.

Ready to make the switch?

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