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ATCO Advantage Rate Plan

As a wholesale rate plan, the ATCO Advantage Rate Plan represents an awesome deal on energy.

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What's the ATCO Advantage Rate Plan anyways?

So glad you asked. Two words: Wholesale Pricing!

This plan lets you pay the same market prices we pay, but at home. Even though wholesale rates fluctuate with the market, they tend to be the best value in the long run.

Basically, we take the fuss and hidden costs out of your energy bills and give you the same deal we get as a retailer. You get access to wholesale rates, and more importantly: you can take control over your energy services.

  • No mark-ups
  • No monthly admin fees
  • No exit fees

Know your rate options

When it comes to energy, the other guys have two basic rate options: guaranteed and variable. With ATCOenergy, there’s a new game in town: Wholesale rates.

Wholesale Rates

With our wholesale rates, you follow market prices without built-in markups. You pay what we pay.

Guaranteed Rates

Guaranteed rates stay the same no matter how high or low market rates go.

Variable Rates

Variable rates follow market prices but add a built-in markup on every kWh or GJ used.

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Choose Your Plan

Choose a guaranteed or wholesale market rate for 1, 2, 3, or 5 years. Our term rates are our guarantee to you. You’re free to switch or change most plans at any time.


Sign Up

Signing up is easy. All you need is your home's address or Site ID (found on your current energy bill). Sign up online or by calling our contact customer care centre.


No Interruptions

When you switch to ATCOenergy, your energy doesn't get interrupted. Even when you move, we can move with you.



Using My Account, you can check your energy usage, pay bills online and connect with our energy advisors any time.

Featured Advantage Plans

*The ATCO Advantage Rate Plan is available to residential customers who enter into a new agreement (an “Agreement”) with ATCO Energy Ltd. (“ATCO”). Subject to the terms and conditions of their Agreement, this plan: (i) will allow such customers to pay the wholesale energy prices that ATCO pays (during the initial term of their Agreement); and (ii) can be accessed by paying a fee per day for each service of electricity or natural gas to a site. “Wholesale energy rate” means the variable energy rate established by (i) the Alberta Electric System Operator hourly pool price for electricity or (ii) the Alberta Energy Company 5A Daily natural gas rate, plus all applicable third party charges related to the supply of energy to your home.