February 16, 2024

Making Moving Easy

Moving? Your ATCOenergy natural gas and electricity energy plan can move with you in Alberta. Let's make your next move easy and seamless.

Making Moving Easy

Moving? Your ATCOenergy natural gas and electricity energy plan can move with you in Alberta. Let's make your next move easy and seamless.

Moving can be exciting, stressful, time consuming, and an all-around whirlwind. Sure, you’ve got packing tape and boxes figured out, but what about your electricity and natural gas? Here are some things you need to know about moving you – and your energy plan – to a new home.  

Plan ahead

So, you’ve picked out your new digs… congrats! Be sure to add contacting your energy service provider to your moving checklist. If you’re an ATCOenergy customer, you can use the online moving form in My Account and we’ll move your existing plan to your new digs.

Pro tip: Our neighbours at Rümi also offer a Marvellous Move-In Bundle with some ‘Oh, I didn’t think of that!’ services to get you started on the right foot at your new place, Home Protection Plans, and competitive Homeowner, Landlord, and Tenant Insurance Programs!

Things to consider

There are a few extra considerations to make when it comes to moving your energy plan:

Is your new place already connected?  

If you’re moving into a home that has been empty for a while, or you don't know if it has power or heat connected and ready to go, we’ll need to submit a request to ‘turn on’ your services. This may add some time to your move request — ask your energy provider for more details if you think your new home isn’t energized. And be aware that your distributor may also charge a connection fee. 

Are you moving within Alberta?  

If so, you can ask about taking us with you! ATCOenergy is proud to offer services in many parts of Alberta — you may be able to enjoy your current rates at your new home! Unsure? Chat with one of our energy advisors for confident advice or use the form. If you’re moving out of province, you’ll need to cancel your current services, and set up with a new local provider. Either way, ATCOenergy customers can call 1-844-889-1956.  

What about if there’s a gap between leaving your current home and moving into your new one?  

Not sure about how your dates will line up? Let’s take the guesswork out of your move. ATCOenergy customers can pause their agreement for up to 90 days in between residences. We keep it simple — contact us when you confirm your dates and keep your great current rates.

Review your options

Now’s a great time to review and right-size your plan to make sure it still works for you. Whether you need electricity, natural gas, or both, you can create the perfect home plan. For many people, a move is an opportunity to take a fresh look at how they approach their plan in general. For example, have you considered the benefits of going green? You could offset either 25% or 100% of your electricity usage from renewable sources with ATCOenergy’s smart green options.

Take action

Ready to make the call? Processes may differ provider to provider, but here is how it’s done at ATCOenergy:  

If you’re a new ATCOenergy customer, take a look at which energy plan sounds good to you.  

If you’re already an ATCOenergy customer, just log in to My Account to let us know you’re moving. All you’ll need to do is fill in the Move Assistance form. The ATCOenergy folks will take care of the rest.

When you connect, be sure you have the following information handy:

  1. Your move out and move in dates
  2. Your new address

Moving is never easy, but with a little planning, you can experience a warm welcome on moving day! By following these easy steps, you can prepare for a seamless energy transition into your new home.

If you’re an ATCOenergy customer and you have questions, call 1-844-687-2826, or take advantage of live chat at atcoenergy.com to get organized.  

And let us be the first to say: Happy housewarming and welcome home!