Go Paperless with ATCOenergy

A man and woman smiling in front of a laptop looking at their energy bill

Why go paperless?

There are many great reasons to make the switch to paperless billing.

First, going paperless is good for the environment and a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. By choosing to receive your bills online, we cut down on the paper and energy used to print, transport and deliver bills by mail.  

Online bills are also faster since you don't have to wait for them to arrive in the mail. You can access your bills easily and view them anywhere, anytime, which means no delays or lost bills.  

It's also a great way to reduce clutter and save space, with no need to file papers. Plus, if you ever need a paper copy, you can download and print a copy of your bill at any time.

How to make the switch

Making the switch from paper to online bills is easy! We offer you two simple ways to do it:

1. Do it yourself

   1. Log into "My Account"

   2. Go to "My Energy" tab, then "Preferences"

   3. Under "Billing Information", select "Edit Details"

   4. Click the "Bill Delivery Options" and choose "No - I don't need a paper copy of my bill through the mail"

2. Get us to do it

Need some help? No problem! Our Happiness Advisors are always here to help. Just give us a call during open hours and we'll take care of it for you.

A step-by-step guide to going to paperless billing with ATCOenergy