Retail Energy Plans

Green Energy Options

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Renewable options for your home and business

Are you trying to make more eco-friendly choices? You can supplement your electricity plan with an environmentally friendly green option for as little as half a cent per kWh.

If supporting clean, sustainable energy in Alberta is important, energy-efficient appliances are one way to lower your carbon footprint. You can also select to have 25 or 100 percent of your retail electricity plan come from renewable sources.

Green energy comes from renewable sources like hydro, wind, and solar. Electrons generated by renewable sources are added to the grid and accounted for with a Renewable Energy Certificate (REC). When you choose a green energy add-on, we allocate the right amount based on your consumption. Once you’ve used your percentage of green energy, those RECs are retired on your behalf.

We try to source all our green energy from sustainable Alberta-based sources.

Add green to your energy

The future is green. That’s why you can choose to have 25 or 100 percent of your electricity come from renewable sources.