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Energy For Alberta


In 2016, ATCOenergy recognized the need for a different kind of energy company in Alberta’s deregulated energy market. Providing positive energy to the people of Alberta means giving customers the freedom to choose a plan that works for them, their home or business, and the life they live.  

ATCOenergy soon grew to be the third largest competitive energy retailer in the province, offering flexible electricity and natural gas plans, flexible payment options and local support to residential and business customers. 

Over the next few months, you’ll notice some changes to our logo, colours and website as we join forces with other members of the ATCO family: Blue Flame Kitchen (BFK) and Rümi

Together, we help take the stress out of owning a home or business with a selection of flexible energy plans, carefully curated products, chef-created meals and recipes, along with cleaning, repair, maintenance and installation solutions from trusted experts. We make it easier for everyone to love where they live and work, every day. 

  • Home Energy Plans

    Choose a guaranteed or wholesale rate for your home’s electricity and/or natural gas.

  • Business Energy Plans 

    Connect with a local expert as you choose a guaranteed or variable rate energy plan for your business.

  • Large Commercial Energy Plans 

    Looking for something a little more powerful for your large commercial enterprise? Ask us how we can help.  

Meet Our Family

We make it easy to love your home.  

Rümi, ATCOenergy and Blue Flame Kitchen are home happiness sister brands from ATCO. We’re here to make your home life stress-free, so you can enjoy the things that matter in comfort and style. Together, we’re like a really great neighbour, empowering you with all you need to make your home your castle. 


Rümi Products & Services

Rümi is the newest addition to our home happiness family. We offer products and services carefully chosen to help homeowners finally feel like their home doesn't own them. Life is busy, so we’re here to help manage your precious time by taking some of the load off and tackling your to-do list. 

Blue Flame KItchen

Blue Flame Kitchen

Home happiness starts with hearty, nourishing meals. That’s where our Blue Flame Kitchen comes in. From our state-of-the-art Learning Centre and café to classes and catering, our team of Red Seal Chefs are here to help you feel comfortable in your kitchen. Browse our free library of recipes and tips to make your meals healthy and delicious every time you cook.



Power up with a different kind of energy company! ATCOenergy is defined by home happiness, offering flexible home and business energy plans to empower Albertans, so go ahead: Plug it in. Turn it up. Make some noise. Whatever your connections look like these days, we’re here with the energy you need.

Alberta's Top Employer Award 2023
Alberta's Top Employer Award 2023

Top Employer Award

As part of the Rümi brand, we’re thrilled to be one of Alberta’s Top Employers for 2023! Rümi’s best practices have enabled our company to create an exceptional workplace by co-creating an engaged, enthusiastic, values-based culture in our Rümineer community.