Retail Energy Plans

ATCOenergy FAQs

Signing up FAQs

  • Can I choose my energy retailer?

    Yes. In Alberta you’re free to choose a competitive retailer. If you don’t choose a retailer you’re automatically enrolled with the regulated provider in your area.

  • How do I sign-up?

    Switching is easy, and only takes a few minutes. Shop our products online or call the Customer Experience Centre at 1-844-687-2826.

  • Do I need to cancel my services before switching to ATCOenergy?

    We make it easy to switch your energy plan. We'll even handle the breakup for you!

    In most cases, you won't need to contact your former energy retailer to cancel. We'll let them know you've switched your plan and to close out the old account. Don't worry, we'll let them down easy.

    Some retailer plans are subject to a cancellation fee. If this is the case, you'll have to settle up with them first. If you’ve never chosen an energy retailer, you’re are on a regulated rate, so there’s no need to notify your provider of the switch.

  • Did you send a salesperson to my home?

    Absolutely not. We respect your home and your privacy. We’ll never send a salesperson to your home. Protect yourself from door-to-door scams, and never sign an energy contract with anyone who shows up at your home without an appointment.

Rates and Plans FAQs

  • How do I know what plan is best for me?

    With our Guaranteed Rate, you pay a fixed rate for every kWh or GJ you use. Your rate will stay the same, but you’ll see smaller fluctuations in your monthly energy bill based on your consumption. Guaranteed rates might not be the lowest rates, but they provide the stability that’s easier to budget for.

    For residential customers, our ATCO Advantage Rate Plan is based on the actual wholesale market price* with no additional markup per kWh or GJ. A flat daily fee unlocks access to the same energy rates we pay. Since market rates fluctuate, you could pay a little more one month but save more the following month. Historically, market rates usually work out to be less over time.

    For business customers, our Variable Rate is based on the actual market price plus a minimal fee and changes monthly. You could pay a little more for one month but save more the following month. People who are comfortable with rate fluctuations from month to month may prefer a variable rate.  

    Whatever you choose, remember that you’re almost always free to change your plan at any time. That way, if the markets take an unexpected turn, you have the flexibility to switch between guaranteed or market rates.

  • How are electricity prices set?

    Just like natural gas, many things affect the market price of electricity. Weather, outages, supply, surge in demand and the price of natural gas (a fuel for generators) are some of the causes. All electricity retailers provide a charge for the amount of power consumed, plus minimal administration costs. 

    Your bill will also include transmission and distribution charges, GST and other fees. The transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. These charges will stay the same no matter what retailer you choose and can vary depending on where you live in the province.

  • How are natural gas prices set?

    The market determines the price based on supply and demand. Weather, supply, surge in demand, environmental policies and many more things can affect the price of natural gas. All natural gas retailers provide a charge for the amount of gas consumed, plus minimal administration fees. 

    Your bill will also include distribution and transmission charges, GST and other fees. Transmission and distribution charges are regulated by the government and are passed on directly by your provider. These charges will stay the same no matter what retailer you choose and can and vary depending on where you live or are located in the province.

  • What is a regulated rate?

    If you haven't entered an agreement with an energy retailer, you are currently paying the Regulated Rate Option (RRO). This means your rate fluctuates from month to month as the market fluctuates. Choosing your energy retailer allows you to choose either a guaranteed or variable rate, and gives you more control over your energy choices. 

  • Is there a penalty to cancel?

    Depending on the term you choose, we’ll guarantee your rate for 1, 2 or 3 years. On all the plans we offer today, you’re free to switch, change or even cancel your plan at any time. We just ask you to give us 15 days’ notice. Some previously available plans with special discounts or offers might have an early departure fee. If you’re not sure, give us a call at 1-844-687-2826 and we’ll be happy to help. 

  • What if I move?

    If you’re moving within Alberta, you can take us with you. Call 1-844-687-2826, send an email inquiry to or use the live webchat. Let us know your new address, and we’ll transfer your current plan to your new location.

Billing and Payment FAQs

  • Can I add another person to my account?

    Yes. You can add or remove another person to or from your account at any time. Please call 1-844-687-2826, send an email inquiry to, or use the live web chat feature on our website.

  • How do I pay my energy bill?

    Your bill can be paid via online banking, telephone banking, at the bank, automated bank withdrawal, one-time credit card payment, pre-authorized credit card payments or by sending payment through the mail.

  • How do I sign-up for electronic billing?

    Please call 1-844-687-2826, send an email inquiry to, or use our live web chat feature on our website.

    Learn how to make the switch yourself by visiting

  • How do I sign-up for email bill notifications?

    Please call 1-844-687-2826, send an email inquiry to or use our live web chat feature on our website.

  • Do you have text bill notifications available?

    Yes.  To start receiving bill notifications via text message, please call 1-844-687-2826, send an email inquiry to or use our live web chat feature on our website.

  • My meter reading is wrong, how do I correct this?

    For issues with your meter, please contact your distribution company. Their number can be found on the back of your energy bill.

  • Where can I find my account balance?

    Register for MyAccount online and access your account details 24/7. Or, call our Customer Experience Centre at 1-844-687-2826.

  • How do I inquire about or dispute charges on my bill?

    We ask that you bring any questions, discrepancies or disputes about your invoice to our attention as soon as possible. Please note that your invoice must be paid in full by the due date while any such questions, discrepancies or disputes are being addressed.

    Please call 1-844-687-2826, or send an email us at

  • When will you start billing me?

    Billing starts with us on the first day we “energize” your home or business. A Happiness Advisor will let you know what date that will be when you sign up by phone, or you can review your confirmation documents after signing up online. Any energy used before our start date will be billed by what’s known as your area’s “Default provider”. This will vary depending on where you live in Alberta. 

  • When will I get my first bill?

    Your first bill can take up to 60 days to arrive. This is because we need to get your energy consumption information which comes from your local Distributor. Once we get this information, we then create your bill for you. Depending on when your distributor typically bills us and when you signed up, it could take a bit for that all to come together as a bill! 

  • How do I know who my local Distributor is?

    Your local Distributor is chosen based on your area. Check out this handy page on UCAHelps to see who yours is! This company is the one that delivers your energy to the home. So, if there’s a power outage, you’d call your local distributor. If you have questions about your bill, you’d call us — your energy retailer! 

    So, if I don't get my bill for 60 days will it be a large bill for my first bill?  

    It’s standard to be charged for your previous month’s consumption on your current statement. But many things contribute to your bill amount such as your rate, your consumption, the number of days on your bill, the weather/season, etc. No need to worry though, we’ll only ever bill you for energy that you/your home consumed. Consider, if possible, setting an estimated bill amount aside while you wait for your first energy bill. 

Understanding Your Bill

Learn how to read your retail energy bill.