Why is the RRO less than ideal?
Since the RRO is the default option, it gives you less control over your plan. The RRO doesn’t come with the perks, flexibility, or rate choices of a retail plan.  

The RRO rate is set monthly and that’s what you pay. If there’s anything we’ve learned recently, it’s that volatility isn’t much fun. Market prices have shifted drastically in recent months, meaning major events could drastically impact rates without warning.
The RRO can be shockingly high. And if you’re one of the million* Albertan sites on it with our competitors, there’s a good chance you’ll be paying more for the same electricity. Luckily, Albertans can switch energy providers at any time! That’s where we come in.

If your energy bill has the word ‘regulated’ or ‘RRO’ on the statement, or if your bill comes from a company with ‘regulated services’ in their name, then you know you’re on the default RRO plan. However, if your bill is from ATCOenergy, then you know you’re not on the RRO.

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If you see the ATCOenergy logo on your bill, you know you’re not on the RRO.

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What is the RRO anyway
The RRO is a variable rate for energy approved by the Alberta Utilities Commission and regulated by the government. If you don’t have a specific home electricity rate with a retailer (like us), you’re probably paying an RRO rate. Sometimes, that’s been an OK thing for Albertans. But…not right now.
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Why say no to the RRO?
How do I know if I’m on the RRO?
Why is the RRO less than ideal?
What are my options and how do I find out more?
Do I need to cancel my services before switching to ATCOenergy?
*Regulated Rate Option (RRO) electricity rates in cents per kWh for September 2023 and calculated as an unweighted average using RRO rates available on the UCAHelps website. RRO rate fluctuates monthly. ATCOenergy rate is the current rate on a 3-year Guaranteed Plan and is not an RRO rate. *1 million RRO sites in Alberta including electricity and natural gas sites.