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Alberta’s energy rates are on the rise, so why continue paying more when costs can be manageable? And when you’re on the government default Regulated Rate Option (RRO), you’re paying a set monthly rate, missing out on the flexibility and rate perks of a retail plan.

Not to mention if you’re using both electricity and natural gas, you're also getting separate bills for each fuel, and who has time for that?

Switch to a more flexible plan today by choosing your own online, or connect with one of our Alberta-based advisors to discuss options for your home!

Understand the Alberta RRO Cap Deferral

The Government of Alberta has announced a temporary electricity price cap for Albertans still on the RRO, AKA the Regulated Rate Option. RRO customers won’t be charged more than 13.5¢/kW in January, February and March 2023. 

While creating a cap to help stabilize bills throughout the winter months, this will not remove the costs like a rebate would. That’s why ATCOenergy continues to strongly recommend getting off the RRO if you can and choose a guaranteed rate to avoid unnecessary energy costs. 

Featured Energy Plans

Mixed Rate Bundle

Term Length: 3 year


Guaranteed Rate: $0.1269/kWh
+ $8.99 per month


Natural Gas 

Wholesale Market + 0¢/GJ

+ $0.59 daily access fees

Guaranteed Rate Bundle

Term Length: 3 year


Guaranteed Rate: $0.1269/kWh
+ $8.99 per month


Natural Gas

Guaranteed Rate: $4.99/GJ
+ $8.99 per month

Just One

Term Length: 3 year


Guaranteed Rate: $0.1269/kWh
+ $8.99 per month

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Can You Find the RRO?

We asked regular Albertans if they were paying high Regulated Rate Option prices for their energy. Most of them didn’t know, and it wasn’t easy to find out.

All About the RRO

About the RRO

The Regulated Rate Option, or RRO, offers Albertans a default option for energy that is set each month. But the RRO is often less than ideal. Switching to a retail plan can give you perks, flexibility and more control over your energy plan.

Alberta Electricity Rates & Prices

Alberta Natural Gas Rates and Prices

Many homes and businesses in Alberta depend on natural gas for heating, hot water, cooking and so on. But do you know how rates are determined or the difference between a competitive retailer and the regulated rate option?

Choose an energy retailer

Choosing an Energy Retailer

Get to know your options and the costs that go into delivering safe energy into your home. A deregulated electricity and natural gas market means you have the freedom to choose a plan that adapts to you, your home and the life you live. Switching is easy. 

Alberta's Electricity Regulated Rate Option (RRO)

You may be wondering, “What’s the RRO?” or “Why should I care?”

Those are both great questions, and they’re important.

Find out what the RRO is all about, and how Albertans have the freedom to switch their energy provider.


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