Business Energy Plans

Large Commercial Natural Gas

Natural gas solutions for your business

Customize a commercial natural gas plan that meets your unique needs – whether you want low-risk and guaranteed pricing or a little more flexibility with a floating price. Whatever option you choose, we’ll work with you to develop a plan that works for you.

  • Floating Natural Gas

    Does market price work for you? Our floating or index price natural gas solution is charged at the daily wholesale price, plus a small Retail Service Charge for your consumption. It may be ideal for businesses that are constructing a new facility or do not have historical volumes.


    You can benefit from more flexibility and control over your natural gas costs, and access to our fixed price solution at any time.

  • Load Following Natural Gas

    Our Load Following natural gas solution is ideal when you want the same price for your energy costs and you consume over 2,500 GJ a year. Unlike some natural gas products in the market, there are no consumption bands so you aren’t penalized if your usage goes up or down.

    This plan is often best for facilities and offices like condominiums, schools, shopping centres, senior facilities, and restaurants.


    Low risk, price guarantee and low involvement in your gas management.

  • Structured Blocks

    Want a blend of price protection and market rate? A Structured Block plan gives you both. It’s simple. You can secure a predictable, fixed price by purchasing a combination of blocks to cover some or all of your load shape. Any usage over or under is charged or credited at the market price, plus a Retail Service Charge.

    Structured Blocks are ideal for businesses with fairly predictable consumption, but may have some fluctuation in usage and have the cash flow to cover it.


    You can benefit from a price guarantee for the fixed part of your usage and more flexibility for consumption changes.

Commercial Electricity

Let's work together to develop an electricity plan that fits your business. We have energy options to help you manage your risk.