Business Energy Plans

Large Commercial Electricity

Energizing your commercial enterprise

With our team of local experts, let's work together to develop an electricity plan that fits your business. We have energy options to help you manage your risk.

  • Floating Electricity

    Does market price work for you? Our floating or index price electricity solution follows the fluctuations of the Alberta Electric System Operator’s (AESO) hourly market price, plus a small Retail Service Charge for your consumption. If you’re able to handle market price changes this solution could make the most sense for your business.

    This is the plan to consider if your business is constructing a new facility, does not have historic volumes, or doesn’t want to lock in a price just yet.


    You can save if you’re moving away from the default supply. You also get maximum flexibility and access to our fixed price solution at any time.

  • Load Following Electricity

    Want a guaranteed price for your electricity? Our Load Following solution gives you the most price protection from market fluctuations for the term of your choice.

    This plan is often suitable for businesses that want a predictable electricity cost and have fairly stable usage.


    You can benefit from a price guarantee, ease of budgeting, and some flexibility to accommodate consumption changes.

  • Structured Blocks

    Want a blend of price protection and market rate? A Structured Block plan gives you both. It’s simple. You can secure a predictable, fixed price by purchasing a combination of blocks to cover some or all of your load shape. Any usage over or under is charged or credited at the market price, plus a Retail Service Charge.

    Structured Blocks are ideal for businesses with fairly predictable consumption but may have some fluctuation in usage and have the cash flow to cover it.


    You can benefit from a price guarantee for the fixed part of your usage and more flexibility for consumption changes.

Commercial Natural Gas

Customize a commercial natural gas plan that meets your unique needs and we’ll work with you to develop a plan that works for you.