This or That: Which Home Appliance Uses More Energy?

It’s time to play a quick game of This or That: the educational energy-saving game where you guess which appliance in your home uses more energy.  

Step right up to learn about your home energy use — and how to save! 

This or That: Which Uses More Energy? 

These common household appliances use energy, but all electricity-powered appliances are not created equally.


Guess which ones use the most energy, and then scroll down to the bottom to see the answers.  

This or That

Answers to This or That 

Work or Play: Laptop or Gaming Console? 

Work or Play

Gaming console!  

Laptops average at 60 watts/hour and gaming consoles average at 90 watts/hour. If you’re lucky enough to have an amazing gaming system, they can use up to 220 watts/hour! Sorry might be time to limit your gaming.  

Wake Up or Dry Up: Coffee Maker or Hair Dryer? 

Hair dryer! 

Drink your coffee, friends! The average coffee maker uses 800 watts/hour vs. the average hair dryer, which uses nearly double the energy at a whopping 1500 watts/hour.  

Wake Up or Dry Up

Water Heater or Water Freezer: Hot water Tank or Kitchen Freezer? 

Water Heater or Water Freezer

Water heater! 

This one isn’t even close. Your water heater uses about 4000 watts/hour compared to the average freezer which only uses 35 watts/hour. In fact, your water heater is the second-largest energy guzzler in your home, making up for about 19% of your total energy usage

Don’t worry! There are ways to reduce your energy-guzzling water heater. Going tankless can help with energy efficiency. Lowering your water temperature just a few degrees or doing your laundry in cold water can also make a dent in your monthly energy bill.  

Wet Clothes or Dry Clothes: Clothes Washer or Dryer? 

Clothes Dryer! 

It’s time to buy a drying rack. Cleaning your clothes can vary depending on whether you wash in cold or hot water. On average, a clothes washer uses 500 watts/hour, whereas your average clothing dryer uses 3000 watts/hour! I guess Grandma had the right idea with the clothesline! 

Washer or Dryer

How to Save on Your Home Energy Bill 

There are several factors that affect your home energy bill including local supply and demand, as well as local regulations and taxes. One factor you can control is your appliances. From adjusting your home office lighting to upgrading to a tankless water heating system, every little improvement contributes to a more efficient big picture. 

Energy-efficient appliances can make a difference in your energy consumption — and the resulting bill. If your appliances are close to the end of their lifecycle, it’s the right time to think about replacing them with energy-efficient alternatives.