Alberta’s Electricity Rebate

Alberta’s Electricity Rebate: What You Need to Know?

As of December 2022, the Electricity Rebate has officially been extended to April 2023. We’ve continued to update this information to keep you in the know! Here’s the scoop as of this month.  

The government of Alberta announced a $150 electricity rebate on March 7 and then another $150. As of December 2022, it’s been officially extended to April 2023. Looking for information about the gas rebate, too? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered over here in this blog! 

Now, back to the electricity rebate: 


The nuts & bolts:

With electricity bills climbing, the Alberta government is providing rebates to help alleviate some of the financial burden placed on Albertans in recent months. Around 2 million Albertans will qualify for the extended rebate that will reduce their bills by $75 in January and February, and by $25 in both March and April, 2023. 

If you’re an ATCOenergy customer, you’ll see the $75 credit on your ATCOenergy statement in January and February, and $25 credit in both March and April. You can look for the “GO Utility Commodity Rebate” in the Distribution section of your statement. The exact timing of your rebate will depend on your billing cycle. 

These rebates will automatically be credited through your distribution company, so you don’t need to take action. The rebate will be credited to your bill. You won’t receive a cheque or cash.  


Am I eligible?

We’ll help break down the key requirements being considered for eligibility and provide additional resources should you need them. 

  • Has your household or farm consumed electricity within the past calendar year? 
  • Do you get an electricity bill?  
  • Does your condo or apartment have its own meter, and do you receive an electricity bill for it? 
  • Do you use less than 250 megawatts of electricity per year? (If you’re on a residential plan, you likely use much less than that.) 


If yes, you’re likely eligible for this electricity rebate! Every eligible site will receive a rebate. Customers with multiple sites can receive the rebate at each site.  

Whether you move, sell your home, or change retailers, as long as you’re getting an electricity bill, you should still receive your rebate. The rebate is issued on the bill of the person enrolled to receive electricity service at a residence, during the time period when the rebate is issued.  


Who isn't eligible?

While the vast majority of Alberta consumers are eligible, there are a few exceptions.  

  • Sub-metered residences such as condos and apartments (this applies to residents who don’t receive a monthly electricity bill). 
  • Unmetered sites. 
  • Customers who have been disconnected from the system and don’t receive an electricity bill. 

This is to ensure that a higher number of Albertans can receive the rebate without duplicate recipients. Keeping the rebate limited to those consuming less than 250 megawatts per year allows for the average consumer to benefit from this program.  


How can I be sure?

If you haven’t received the credit on your bill and feel you should have, contact the Utility Consumer Advocate at 310-4822 or for support. 

As a reminder, this rebate is separate from the Alberta Gas Rebate, which follows its own process and eligibility guideline. You can review the gas rebate information here


Do I need to take action?

This rebate will be applied automatically through your distribution company. The Government of Alberta won’t send any texts or emails about the Electricity Rebate Program to consumers. You don’t need to submit any information to receive your rebate. Please be wary of any emails or texts asking you for personal information and do not click any links that seem suspicious. As your retailer, ATCOenergy might send you an e-mail letting you know your rebate is on the way, but we won’t ask you to take action or provide any personal information. 

As an ATCOenergy customer, ensuring that eligible consumers receive their rebates is incredibly important to us. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Happiness Advisors through our website, or call us at 1-844-777-7864