July 5, 2023

Top 4 Reasons Why More Alberta Small Businesses Are Choosing Green Energy

Businesses are making the switch to green energy. Between incentives like grants and rebates, it's easy to see why! Find out if green energy is right for your Alberta business.

Top 4 Reasons Why More Alberta Small Businesses Are Choosing Green Energy

Businesses are making the switch to green energy. Between incentives like grants and rebates, it's easy to see why! Find out if green energy is right for your Alberta business.

You may have personally made the switch to a reusable water bottle, a metal straw, or glass containers, but what about your business?  

That question may sound daunting; however, times are a-changin’ and our energy sources are changing too! More and more businesses are making the switch for a number of reasons, including incentives, strategic growth planning, encouragement from customers and staff, and the sheer simplicity of the process. Wait, did we just give away our 4 points?  

Maybe. But we aren’t here to just convince you why, we are here to give helpful resources to help you make the decision for yourself.

We’ve collected what you need in order to choose Green Energy for your business, so you have one less thing to worry about. Here are the top 4 reasons AND resources to help you make the switch!


Making your business Greener is just one simple and affordable decision away! Seriously. Making more sustainable choices for your business shouldn’t add more stress to your plate or break the bank. In fact, the federal and provincial governments agree! Grants, loans, and even rebates are available for many of your green upgrades. The Business Benefit Finder can help you locate and learn about the options that are available to you.

Fuel tax rebates, cash grants, and loans for alternative energy usage can turn your green energy solutions into green bills for your business. Efficient buildings, products, transportation, and industries are being incentivized at a growing rate you don’t want to miss out on. Check out Natural Resource Canada to find programs in your municipality and get the insights and assessments needed to adopt green energy.  

Growth strategy

Being a business owner requires a certain level of foresight. Knowing what will move the needle in a positive direction before it’s too late ensures that your business is leading the way, rather than taking a reactive, “following the herd” approach. Have a strategy that incorporates the next wave of energy, so you can work towards efficiency before certain earth-friendly developments become a mandatory piece of doing business. In order to see long-term growth, businesses will need an eco-friendly plan that's sustainable in and of itself. Business Wire reported that “One-third of consumers are willing to pay a premium for sustainable products, and companies should prepare for sustainability to become the expectation and not the exception in the future.” So, if you want to keep up with consumers, green will be the way to go.  

If you’re interested in how to develop a growth strategy rooted in sustainability, the University of Cambridge offers an online program, Circular Economies and Sustainability Strategies. If a paid course doesn’t feel like a fit for you, here are the reflections from a previous student!


Beyond your growth strategy, there is also the component of you and your business’s reputation. Paying attention to the needs of your consumers means more than potential savings, sustainability, and growth; it also staves off the risks of losing customers and getting criticism instead. Now, we hope this isn’t a leading factor for making eco-friendly choices, but if it helps tip the scales for you, then it’s well worth it to include!

As the Green Business Bureau explains, “Your business benefits from the popularity of a green reputation,” and there are plenty of reports to validate this. Done are the days of business owners holding all the cards and the knowledge. Consumers are more informed than ever and can support whatever company they want with a simple click of a button. Ignoring consumers’ desire for ethical purchases could be incredibly costly.

It feels good!

You started your business so you could do things your way and create something to be proud of. We get it, that’s why we’re here, too! It feels good to do right by our community and our planet, and our green energy plans allow us to do both. People Management reported 84% of job seekers are looking for employers who care about society. We all want to work somewhere that makes a difference and to feel good about how we are contributing 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. So, spread the pride, help everyone feel good about your business!

Switching is easy

Being Green has never been so simple. Sure, change isn’t a person’s favourite thing, but you’re a business owner! You’re accustomed to the never-ending changes that come along with running a business. You don’t need to switch everything straight away and make major, financially stressful decisions. With ATCOenergy, you can add 25 or 100 percent Green power to your electricity plan and support Alberta’s renewable energy resources for a fractional cost per kWh. It takes less than 10 minutes to make the switch and won’t interrupt your service.

A simple call to our advisors, and you’re e suddenly well on your way to making your business a little more eco-friendly. If you’re ready to switch now, have your address or site ID handy when you call. Still, have questions? We’re here to support you in finding the best energy solutions for you and your business and can be reached Monday – Friday: 8 am – 8 pm and Saturday: 8 am – 4:30 pm toll-free at 1-844-687-2826. We can’t wait to hear from you!