Bring it on, winter. The battle never ends, that's why great rates are always on at ATCOenergy.

When you switch to an ATCOenergy plan, you're choosing an electricity and natural gas plan from a local Alberta company. No one needs to come to your house and your services won’t be interrupted.  

  • Great rates 
  • Flexible payment options 
  • Freedom to change plans at any time  
  • Local support for all your energy questions
  • Sign up easily online, or chat with a friendly advisor right here in Alberta.  


  • Home Energy Plans

    Choose a guaranteed or wholesale rate for your home’s electricity and/or natural gas.

  • Business Energy Plans 

    Connect with a local expert as you choose a guaranteed or variable rate energy plan for your business.

  • Large Commercial Energy Plans 

    Looking for something a little more powerful for your large commercial enterprise? Ask us how we can help.  

Signing up to ATCOenergy is easy

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    Switch in less than 10 minutes

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    Your service won’t be interrupted

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    It's all online. No one needs to come to your home

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    All you’ll need is your address or Site ID

    (found on your current energy bill)

Get Your Insider Advantage

Tired of shopping around for the same bland choices when it comes to energy plans in Alberta? The ATCO Advantage Rate Plan lets you access wholesale energy prices for a low daily fee.

If you're on any other variable rate plan, you're probably paying a monthly admin fee on top of a built-in transaction fee for every kWh or GJ you use. We wanted to keep things simple. With a daily access fee, the wholesale cost of Alberta's energy rate is the price you pay for the energy you use. No additional markups.

Find out how the ATCO Advantage Rate Plan works and why it’s no ordinary energy plan.

Sign up in just 10 minutes

  • 1. Choose your plan

    Choose a guaranteed or wholesale market rate for 1, 2 or 3 years. Our term rates are our guarantee to you. You’re free to switch or change most plans at any time.

  • 2. Sign Up

    Signing up is easy. All you need is your home's address or Site ID (found on your current energy bill).

  • 3. No Interruptions

    When you switch to ATCOenergy, your energy doesn't get interrupted. Even when you move, we can move with you. 

  • 4. Relax

    Using My Account, you can check your energy usage, pay bills online and connect with our energy advisors any time.

Energy for your business

You’ve invested so much in your business and we know it hasn’t been easy. At ATCOenergy, you’ll find energy plans that give you the flexibility and control you need for your business. 

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“Wholesale energy rate” means the variable energy rate established by (i) the Alberta Electric System Operator hourly pool price for electricity or (ii) the Alberta Energy Company 5A Daily natural gas rate, plus all applicable third party charges related to the supply of energy to your home.

The ATCO Advantage Rate Plan is available to residential customers who enter into a new agreement (an “Agreement”) with ATCO Energy Ltd. (“ATCO”). Subject to the terms and conditions of their Agreement, this plan: (i) will allow such customers to pay the wholesale energy prices that ATCO pays (during the initial term of their Agreement); and (ii) can be accessed by paying a fee per day for each service of electricity or natural gas to a site. 

Delivery related charges, taxes, monthly administration or daily flat fees for each electricity or natural gas site are extra. Distribution costs, taxes and miscellaneous charges are dependent on usage and service area and will remain applicable regardless of the retailer you choose.