Business Energy

Lara Baker

ATCOenergy Energy Marketer

Lara’s family emigrated to Canada from the UK when she was ten and settled outside of Calgary. Lara is an outgoing and enthusiastic volunteer, and stays active in the wonderful nature of Alberta. An honour student and world traveler, Lara began her sales career in Australia working in the utility industry. There she gained a passion for helping customers, leading her to study business management. While in Australia, she gained achievements as top sales representative and nominations for her excellent customer service. 

After returning to Canada, she secured a role as Assistant Manager within the fitness industry, completing training in Leadership, Development and Emotional Intelligence programs. As the author Dale Carnegie says, “Improving yourself is a lot more profitable than improving others.” 

And as Lara herself says, “I am thrilled to be working with business owners helping them manage their utility needs and find a plan that works best for them based on their industry. The passion that many business owners exude is matched by my passion for continuously providing excellent customer service and helping clients achieve their goals.”