Business Energy

Filip Sturzoiu

ATCOenergy Energy Marketer

Filip is a passionate sales professional with over 10 years’ experience and a penchant for helping customers thrive. Filip’s passion for growth has led him to pursue several continuing education accreditations to increase his ability to serve others.  

Originally from Romania, Filip grew up in Spain and settled in Edmonton, Alberta where he’s been living for over twelve years. Filip is fluent in English, Romanian and Spanish and has a passion for meeting new people and making genuine connections.  

Filip empowers his customers by supporting their needs and equipping them with tools and knowledge aimed at reducing operating costs and improving efficiencies. A natural optimist, Filip encourages those around him to always look at the bright side. “Keep your spirits high and have a positive attitude, regardless of what life may throw at you, stay focused on where you are going, not on where you currently are.”