Strengthening bodies and businesses

For Danielle Kot, it’s all about finding the right fit.  

When she sold her nutrition franchise of 12 years, Danielle began exploring other areas of health and fitness. The first time she stepped into a Pilates studio, she wasn’t sure what to expect. But she took some classes and loved it! “I realized this is my jam,” Danielle says, “I love Pilates. Everything about this just felt right to me.” 

She decided to take the leap and open her own Club Pilates studio here in Calgary. Like many small business owners, she worried about spreading herself too thin as her business grew. When Danielle opened her first location, she was swamped finding real estate, and hiring the right team. 

“To be honest,” Danielle recalls, “my energy bill was my last priority.” So, when an ATCOenergy representative offered her great rates and hassle-free service, she signed up. “He took care of everything. It was so seamless and quick.”  

As Danielle’s business expanded, she knew who to call. “When I opened my next location, I sent him my address and site ID — and boom! — it was done. Every new studio we’ve opened has been such an easy process.” 

ATCOenergy is proud to stand behind business owners like Danielle. A worry-free energy plan means Danielle can focus on what she loves about Club Pilates, “I love that it’s not competitive. I love that whether you’re 20 or 70 you can do it, which I think is really special. It’s fun.”  

Danielle found the right fit with Pilates – and her ATCOenergy plan.  

Whether you’re developing your next entrepreneurial dream or looking to grow your established Alberta business, ATCOenergy has an energy plan for you! Talk to one of our experienced Energy Marketers today to find your fit.